Over $1,000 donated!

Since our launch in February, ATR customers from 34 states and six different countries have shopped their values - and together, they've contributed over $1,000 to organizations on the front lines of the #resistance movement!

When we first started out, our mission was to do two things: 1) make better-designed, higher-quality, eco-friendly clothing and other gear for activists of all ages and 2) donate as much of the proceeds as possible to help sustain the overall movement.

At first, we did that by donating 30% of all profits from all ATR sales. That led to hundreds of dollars in contributions - but ATR customers had no way of knowing how much they were contributing through their purchase. 

In an effort to be more transparent about our giving, we are now committed to contributing 10% of all sales - whether in person or online - to the organizations we support. In April, that meant even more money donated to our allies - including our featured organization for the month, the March for Science!

We are working hard to continue to grow and to partner with organizations leading the resistance both locally and nationally, and we are grateful for the support and positive feedback we've received so far. Thank you, sincerely, from all of us at ATR!

- Zach & Emily, founders

P.S. Have an idea or some feedback for how we could make ATR even better? We'd love to hear it! Email us at and tell us about it.

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