Independent Artist Series :: Violeta Rotstein

Next up in our Independent Artist Series is Minneapolis based artist and illustrator Violeta Rotstein. We saw her work, La Importancia De Saber Escuchar at the Signs of the Resistance poster show and just had to meet her.

What inspired this design?
My design was inspired by my experience growing up as an immigrant with immigrant parents in a country that, while being a beautiful mixture of cultures, has the hardest time listening to different perspectives. I hope for my work to be a reminder that people of color, minorities, refugees, the LGBTQIA community, and all oppressed groups (with their intersections) each have their own voices to be listened to and not spoken for. 
What role does art have in the resistance movement?
Art is communication. Art is essential to opening minds and starting conversations. Art lasts to tell the future about us as a culture, what we were thinking and feeling during great struggles. And finally, art riles people up and we all need to be more riled up don't you think?
What’s your favorite way to get involved / favorite organization to support?
My favorite way to get involved is through community meetings and neighbor gatherings. I find it therapeutic to hear from others the same concerns that I have, as well as encountering new perspectives! It's usually a smaller group so it's a perfect opportunity to practice speaking out if you're a bit crowd shy like me. Not to mention, starting at a local level is the first step to real effecting change. 
What’s one thing you’re looking forward to in 2017?
Looking forward to getting more involved in arts based resistance! Also, looking forward to meeting more people, taking more artistic risks, and putting myself out there more. As an artist it can be easy to spend all your time at the literal drawing board but if the last few months have taught me anything it's to get as involved in your passions as you can. 
Connect with Violeta and see more of her work here:

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