49 down, one to go!

(Do you know anyone in Mississippi?)

We at ATR are *this close* to celebrating first anniversary and feeling grateful for the love we’ve received from all over the country - and the world! We’ve now shipped quality #resistance gear to 49 states, one territory (props to Puerto Rico!) and more than ten countries. 
Even more importantly, thanks to the support from the ATR community, we’ve donated more than $6,000 to the ACLU, NILC, Planned Parenthood Action Fund and the SPLC as well as the March for Science and the Human Rights Campaign (our featured organization through June in honor of Pride Month) as well as our featured Nonprofits of the Month. 
There’s a lot more to do, however, and we’re only getting started!
In the meantime, do you know anyone in Mississippi? Because that's all that’s left - that’s how close we are to reaching all 50 states!
If so, forward a link to our site - - and if they’re the first to buy something and have it shipped to one of those four states they’ll get $10 credited back - and we’ll send you a gift card for $20!

Thanks for everything. Now let’s get back to work!

Zach, Emily and Emma
The ATR Team

UPDATE: This post has been updated to remove Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, and Vermont, New Mexico, Arkansas, Nevada and Delaware from the list of remaining states.

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  • I bought from Vermont! Was I the first?


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